Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Is the church closed?

All physical gatherings of the church have moved online for the next few weeks. We are helping to slow the spread of the virus by restricting gatherings, practicing healthy habits, and staying home if we have any symptoms of cold or flu. Church is going to continue in an online format but pastors and staff are still available for you.

Visit our “Church at home” page to stream our weekend services directly from our website (Saturday 6:00 pm, Sunday 9:30 and 11:00 am). We are exploring YouTube, FB Live, Instagram TV, Vimeo, Email.

The office phone number is (509) 526-3450

The office email

Are we still having watch parties?

No. For the next few weeks we are following the CDC guidelines encouraging groups of 10 or less and practicing social distancing. This puts watch parties on hold for now.

You can still follow the hashtag #lifechurchwatchparty to see church happening all over the city. We will be together in hundreds of different living rooms.

What are the TEXT IN CODES? (All to 97000)

CONNECTLC to receive updates

SERVELC to join a weekend team

GROUPSLC to join a Life Group

GIVELC to give

What about LIFE KIDS?

App for LIFE Kids Parents (click here)

This free app gives parents weekly cues that are aligned with the content in the video presentations. The Parent Cue App is designed to help every parent do something each week to help move their child towards a deeper faith and a better future.

Weekly Video Lesson

Click here for weekly video lessons

LIFE kids are having “Church Where We Are” too with these weekly video presentations that go along with our current First Look and 252 Kids curriculum. There are new videos and stories posted each week.

What about Life Groups?

Life Groups are planning to continue to meet online. As we get online platforms up and running each Life Group leader will have information specific to their group. We are exploring using Zoom and Marco Polo as two ways for groups to continue to connect. You can still find a group to join by going to our website or texting GROUPSLC to 97000 for a full list.

Will there be childcare?

Until the restrictions on gatherings have been lifted we will not be providing childcare.

What about LYC/LYA?

Youth Church and Young Adults are planning to meet ONLINE on Wednesday nights at their regularly scheduled times. Following their social media accounts will be the best way to stay informed about what’s happening. The online platforms they are exploring are IG Live or IGTV, Zoom for Small Groups and Marco Polo. The social media accounts to follow are:

Instagram: @life_youth_church (ages 12-18) - Click here

Instagram: @life.young.adults (ages 18-25) - Click here

What about Connect Events? (GIRL Gathering? Men’s Night? Pursuit Night?

We know that connection and relationships are vital, especially in times of uncertainty. We are reimagining what connect events can look like so stay tuned to social media for updates. The online platform we are exploring for this is Zoom. Our God only does bigger and better so we know what is ahead will far exceed even our favorite connect event gathering.

What about IMPACT?

IMPACT is planning to continue to meet at their normal weekly time. They are using ZOOM. Our IMPACT leadership team will have specific information and will communicate it via email to both students and leaders.

How do I give?

You can give on our website by going to the GIVE tab. That will enable you to give to Life Church through automated electronic funds transfer directly from your checking account, savings account, or by charging your credit card or debit card.

You can also text to give GIVELC to 97000 and the link to give will automatically pop up.

The office has a mail drop slot to the left of the front office windows if you would like to bring it by in person or you can mail it in to 611 S. 9th Avenue, Walla Walla, Wa 99362.

Is online giving really safe?

Yes, it is! Online giving is safer than checks (which are safer than cash). Paper checks include names, addresses, and account numbers. Online giving contains far less data. Also, online giving ensures that your financial information is more secure, because there is no need for you to share your confidential bank account or credit card information with any person; you personally enter your account information online and maintain total control of one-time and scheduled donations.

Click here for our Online Giving FAQs

Is the Prayer Army still happening?

Yes! Church is still happening so the prayer army will still be praying during every service, just not together in one physical location. Our prayer captains will be in contact with you and have specific information about how we will be using Zoom to continue to pray together while services are happening.

How do I submit a Prayer Request?

We want to pray for you! Right on our website homepage is a Prayer Request button. You can submit a prayer request there and our team will pray with and for you to see victory in every situation you are facing. You can also submit prayer requests via all of our social media pages as well and our team will respond.

How can I help? How can I serve?

We are asking the Lord to show us how to best love and serve our city in this unique time. Our website and social media pages will keep you up to date on serving opportunities. As always, the best thing you can do is ask the Lord to put people in your path each day who you can love and serve right where you are.

Click here to fill out our “Help Others” form. This will help us gather people willing and available to help in various capacities and match them to needs across our city.

What is the Bible app?

As a church we love the YouVersion Bible app. It’s free and you can download it right onto your phone and then you have your Bible with you all the time.

Download Bible App for iPhone

Download Bible App for Android

Will there be water baptisms?

Yes! We don’t know yet how they will look, but if you have made a decision to follow Jesus then water baptism is your next step. You can still sign up for water baptism on our website. Our next water baptism weekend is Easter, April 11th & 12th. If you have never been water baptized we want to celebrate with you. We will connect with each person who signs up and coordinate the details as the date approaches.

What about Belong?

God promises you will flourish when you are planted in a local church. We believe that is true even in this uncertain and unique time. We are reimagining how Belong can look but expect to have a plan for the first weekend of April. If you are interested in more information click “Connect With Us” Our social media pages will keep you up to date as well.